Bus 345 discussion 1 | bus 345 | Liberty University

Our reading this module/week begins with an introduction to leadership and also explores the foundation for leading like Jesus. With this in mind, consider a leader who has made a positive impact on your life, either personally or in an organizational context. Reflect on the traits and/or behaviors that led to his/her influence in your life. For this discussion board, answer the following questions: What leader behaviors were most impactful to you? Why were they so impactful? How do Daft’s introductory concepts about leadership apply to this leader and his/her actions? 


18 to 20 points

All   key components of the Discussion Board Forum prompt are answered in the   thread. 

Must include: 

· Text and research materials (at least 3 sources);

· Pertinent, conceptual, or theoretical examples;

· Thoughtful analysis (considering assumptions,   analyzing implications, and comparing/contrasting concepts);

· Citations in current APA format; and

Integration of biblical principles.

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