Before you post your responses, you will need to do the following:


Before you post your responses, you will need to do the following:

  • Visit
    and search for stories related to relationships/interpersonal topics and issues. That is, pick a story that speaks to you and is related to the course materials
  • Choose at least 3/three stories to analyze.
  • Listen to each story and take notes.

Once you have taken notes about the stories, you will write an essay response. Upon completion, your essay should

  • have a clear (and brief) introduction, a body and a clear (and brief) conclusion format.
  • be 1000-1200 words in length.
  • incorporate three references from three different chapters in the course textbook. Other textbooks, articles, websites and such will not be accepted.
  • include a clear in-text citation (text chapter, page number) of materials from our textbook.
  • not include a reference page.
  • be free of spelling and grammar errors.
  • represent college-level writing
  • In your post, you must include:
  • Introduction:• Information about the website and its history and purpose (be brief). • The title or theme of each of the three stories.
  • Body: Using a proper essay format, answer the following questions about each of the stories you have chosen:
  • • Name the speaker(s) and the interviewer(s) and their relationship.
  • • Explain what the story is about, the theme.
  • • What experiences have shaped the lives of each person in the story?
  • • How does each person in the story respond, physically or emotionally, to these experiences?
  • • Explain what you got each out of each story/interview
  • • What did you have in common with the interview/story?
  • • What connection do you have to the topic? If you did not have any thing in common or connect with interview/story, explain how you responded emotionally and intellectually to these experiences.
  • • Finally, include working hyperlinks to the essays you used for this assignment.
  • Conclusion: Briefly summarize the content of your essay

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