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Unit II Article Review 

Critically review the article below: 

To access the article below, you must first log into the myCSU Student Portal and access the ABI/INFORM Collection  database found in the CSU Online Library.  

Vanderberg, A., & Capodagli, B. (2015). The “Ottawa way” thrives. Public Management, 97(6), 14-18. 

In the review, be sure to include an analysis of the article. Provide details and evidence to back up your analysis from the  article. What are some of the significant points used in the article to support the premise? Why are these points significant  to the way communication affects strategic planning? 

Use the standard five-paragraph format (introduction/body/conclusion). APA format should be used. The article review  should be a minimum of two pages in length. Content, organization, and grammar/mechanics will be evaluated. 


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