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Imagine that you are a Head Start teacher for young children in a diverse, inner-city public school system.  The school district is diverse in terms of racial, ethnic, and socioeconomics, and includes large percentages of children who are immigrants and English Language Learners.

Think about a plan for engagement of families, caregivers, and guardians to create a culturally responsive, engaging, and informative newsletter for the families, guardians, and caregivers of the children at the Head Start program. 

Considering your specified context, write a newsletter that will be produced both in print form and on your Head Start program’s website.  The newsletter should inform families, guardians, and caregivers about important information and activities that are occurring at your program and in the community this month. 

Utilize this week’s resources and additional resources from the NCU library or the Internet in general (e.g., a link to your town’s local library or a link to community resources in your town that would help families, guardians, and caregivers.

Be sure your newsletter addresses the following important points:

  • Cultural and Linguistic Diversity
  • Modes of Communication
  • Translating and Interpreting Services
  • Developmentally Appropriate Practice Strategies
  • Respectful and Effective Communication Strategies
  • Plan for translating the newsletter into the languages spoken by families, guardians, and caregivers in your ECE setting

Length: 2 to 3-page newsletter

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