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1. Customer Service Plan – Final Analysis


Throughout the class we have been completing an in-depth review of how customer service is a part of your organization. In this final project, provide an overview of your organization and make recommendations of how customer service could be made exceptional based on readings from the text, reviews of other organizations and from class discussions.


  1. Download the assignment template: MAR160_M5_Template_FinalCustomerServicePlan.docx.
  2. Save the file as MAR160_M5_Assignment_lastnamefirstname.
  3. Review all the information in this document and delete the instructions as you develop and write your plan.

2.Final Business Plan


Throughout this course, you have completed several assignments that have contributed to the development of a business plan for an organization. Putting together a business plan for an organization has not only helped you solidify what you know about business, it also helps you protect what you create or innovate. The business plan is a written description of your business’s future, a plan that tells what you plan to do and how you plan to do it.


Complete and submit your final business plan as follows:

  1. Download and use _AssignmentTemplate_FinalBusinessPlan.docx to complete the assignment.
  2. Complete the Executive Summary, Assumptions, Summary and Conclusion and Appendix (if applicable) segments.
  3. Make the necessary revisions to your Module 2-4 documents.
  4. Then, insert the content into the appropriate segments in the template.
  5. Follow the instructions inside the template file.
  6. Retain the template headings and subheadings.
  7. Delete all template instructions and help hints.

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