204 adiscussionswhat a good interview looks like?


1.Watch the first 16-minute of Anderson Cooper’s interview with Karen McDougal here:


*viewer discretion is advised: Please note that this was an interview with Former Playboy model Karen McDougal about her alleged 10-month affair with Donald Trump, the content of which may be sensitive and/or uncomfortable.

  1. As you watch the interview, take notes on the main information of the interview:
  • What was the story about? What was the key information Anderson Cooper was trying to get?
  • What questions did AC ask?
  1. Stop the video after watching the first 16-minute of the interview and reflect on this first part and your notes. Share your thoughts here:

(1) What did Anderson Cooper do well in the interview and what not?

(2) list two most effective questions in your opinion from the interview. 

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