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Take a look at a few of the current articles on the Arts and Letters Daily website, which is a location that provides links to major news sources and articles on a variety of topics. Select one article or news story on the site that deals with some current event in the Middle East that took place during Module Four (April 12-30). Submit a short essay that contains the following:

  • Give me the title of your article/story and include the weblink.
  • In your first paragraph, give me a very short summary of the article/story.
  • In the second paragraph, tell me how this story relates to the materials we have studied in Module Four ( The Arab Spring and Its Aftermath).
  • In the third paragraph, describe how your studies in this class have helped you understand the material contained in the article/story.
  • To submit, click on the Extra Credit link above and then click on the attach file link to upload your assignment.

In selecting your article/story, I recommend you look at the left column of the site where you will find various news services (AP, UPI, etc.) and news magazines. This website is updated daily.

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